Is it a boat? Is it a Jeep? It's the world's fastest amphibious car!

Is it a boat? Is it a Jeep? It's the world's fastest amphibious car

Forget forking out hundreds of thousands of pounds on James Bond's 'submarine' Lotus Esprit at an upcoming auction, there are far cheaper ways of tackling both land and sea.

California-based WaterCar has created the world's fastest amphibious machine that can transform from Jeep-like land vehicle to all-out speedboat in just 15 seconds.> Dubbed the Panther, the speedy watercraft can reach speeds of up to 45mph on the wet stuff, enough to rival many speedboats.

It achieves this incredible feat with a custom made 3.7-litre V6 engine, fibreglass hull and lightweight chromoly steel chassis.

The meaty Acura-sourced V6 engine produces around 300bhp, meaning the Jeep-esque chassis can easily hit 80mph on land, more than enough to cruise the low-speed Californian streets of its birthplace.

To drive on water, the driver must be travelling at around 15mph, the gear-selector must be set to neutral, a switch flicked to transfer power to 'jet drive' and the wheels hydraulically lifted.

Prices starts at around £50,000 for a rolling chassis – a sort of kit-car that can be assembled at home – and increase to just shy of £90,000 for a fully-functioning Panther, complete with engine.

Is it a boat? Is it a Jeep? It's the world's fastest amphibious car

Customers can also part with around £70,000 for a Panther without an engine, presumably so petrolheads can 'do a Clarkson' and insert a monster V12 for increased "poooooooower".

WaterCar partner Fred Selby, 66, said: "The Panther is equally at home on the land or sea.

"You can leave the highway behind thanks to its long travel off-road suspension and travel in the water courtesy of the panther jet.

"And do all this with the security of knowing you are surrounded by a state of the art revolutionary designed composite body."

Watch the Panther in action below but beware, it's all very American and cheesy.

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