A third of parents risk taking term time holidays

Caroline Cassidy

More than a third of British families are prepared to risk a school fine for taking their children on holiday during term time in order to avoid the soaring cost of a break.

A third of parents risk fines to take term time holidays
A third of parents risk fines to take term time holidays

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It is a well-known fact that holiday firms ramp up the price of a family holiday as soon as the schools break up, with many boosting their prices by up to £1,000.

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But it seems for many Brits, the warning letters from head teachers and the threat of a £60 fine are not enough to deter them from taking advantage of term time prices.

In the survey of prices by the Nationwide Building Society, a family holiday at Center Parcs during the school holidays was found to be £890 more expensive than it would be during term time.

A trip to Disneyland Paris was also bumped up by £400, while taking a family package holiday in Spain would during the official school holidays was increased by more than £1,000.

As a result, 37 per cent of parents admitted they were prepared to take their kids out of school in order to get a better holiday deal.
Nationwide's direct of banking, Graham Pilkington, told the Daily Mail: "With the current challenging economic environment, it's no wonder that families are looking to shave their holiday costs."

Mr Pilkington advised parents to investigate retailer loyalty schemes that offer money-off vouchers on travel, or to use price comparison websites to good holiday deal without disrupting the school term.

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