Retro baby names all the rage

Caroline Cassidy

Old-fashioned names are making a comeback thanks to a recent trend for 'extreme retro' baby names, according to a new survey.

Retro baby names make a comeback
Retro baby names make a comeback

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The poll of 6,227 adults by revealed that two out of five couples have opted for an old-fashioned name such as Mabel, Stanley and Ethel.

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Even the celebs are getting in on the retro action, with Lily Cooper naming her two girls Ethel and Marnie, and Hollywood A-lister choosing Mabel for his new daughter. And David Cameron and his wife Samantha have adopted the retro trend for all of their children, naming them Florence, Nancy, Ivan and Arthur.

Also growing in popularity is choosing names with the same letter, a la the Kai and Klay Rooney, and of course, the Kardashian clan. One in eight families quizzed said they planned to follow suit with their kids.

One in twelve went a step further, with colour names like Blue, Grey or Red, and a brave one in 50 had opted to animal names like Bear or Tiger.

Roughly one in five found inspiration in their favourite books or TV shows, one in ten took their baby name from the family, and 15 per cent of parents said they had picked an unusual name because others were "dull and overused".

Celebrities remain the biggest influence on baby name trends though, with 53 per cent of respondents saying they based their choices on big-name stars.
However, 12 per cent of parents already regret landing their little one with a fashionable name.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard told the Daily Mail: "The Internet is making it much easier for parents to research unusual names.

"We've even seen parents putting up polls and crowdsourcing names for their children from others online. It's clear that fashionable or wacky names are only going to get more common in the playground."

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