Firms 'to switch to UK suppliers'

ManufacturerThousands of jobs could be created in the coming years as firms buy more components from the UK rather than from overseas companies, a new report has predicted.

A survey of 150 senior managers found that a third aimed to switch from overseas to UK supplies, partly because of rising costs and easier transport and logistics.
The trend meant that the UK was becoming more attractive for manufacturers, according to the report by Business Birmingham.

Investment Director Wouter Schuitemaker said: "Re-shoring can help us rebalance our economy, create new jobs and cut our trade deficit. It's vital that we back our manufacturers and pull out all the stops to support those who are bringing manufacturing home.
"We need to make sure that businesses along the supply chain are not burdened by regulations such as those around visas, and are not disadvantaged by high energy costs."
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