Punters can cash in on royal birth

ten poundsFor those who like a flutter, the royal birth provides ample opportunity for a punt on facts and figures associated with the future monarch.

Bets can be made on a whole host of trivial items from the baby's hair colour to the date it will be born. With betting slips in hand thousands of people will be eagerly awaiting news about when the Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
The most popular bets with punters are around trying to guess the name of William and Kate's first child. During a royal engagement it was claimed the royal stopped herself from saying she was having a daughter so there have been a flurry of bets placed on girls' names.

The most popular name among punters is Alexandra whose odds have plummeted with two leading bookmakers. William Hill have seen the odds for the name fall from 33/1 to 5/2 and Paddy Power have reported a similar fall and has a price of 3/1.

Celebrities with unusual business interests
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Punters can cash in on royal birth

Elizabeth Hurley owns her own 400-acre organic farm in Gloucester, and among her products is as a range of organic snack foods that she sells through Harrods.

Kevin Costner owns a firm called Blue Planet Solutions, which develops technology to clean up oil spills in the ocean. It was involved in helping clean up the catastrophic spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Clint Eastwood has his own golf course, the Tehama Gold Club in Carmel. Membership is private and by invitation only.

Paul Newman founded his food company is 1982, which is best known for its salad dressing. The company donates all its profits to charity, which to date is more than $300 million.

Raquel Welch has surprised many people with her decision to launch her own line of Wigs, called Hair U Wear.


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