Holiday hell: Brit passengers face 30 hour flight delay

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Holiday hell: Brit passengers face 30 hour flight delay
Holiday hell: Brit passengers face 30 hour flight delay

British holidaymakers were left stranded for 30 hours in temperatures of up to 30C after an EasyJet flight from Egypt to Britain was delayed.

Up to 164 passengers, most of whom were Brits returning from holiday, were affected.

The drama began when they were forced to stay on board an aircraft for five hours as take-off time kept being pushed back.

The passengers, including pregnant women, babies and pensioners, were finally let off and put up in a hotel.

Easyjet has apologised to passengers for any distress caused by the overnight delay, says the Press Association.

Passenger Luke Gayle, 20, of Croydon, south London, told the The Sun newspaper: 'It was a disgrace. People were crying and understandably losing their tempers while we were stuck on the tarmac.

"A woman six months pregnant lay across three seats. It was roasting hot and there was no food."

According to Mr Gayle, no one was allowed free phone calls to contact their families.

EasyJet blamed the delays on a technical issue with the aircraft.

Earlier this year, a landmark ruling declared that Britons have the right to compensation of up to £480, plus expenses, for hold-ups longer than three hours.

Travellers flying with easyJet are facing the squeeze this summer after the airline cut the size of hand luggage allowed in overhead cabin lockers.

The budget airline is reducing the size of bags by more than a third. From Tuesday it will no longer guarantee luggage in the cabin measuring 56cm by 45cm by 30cm.

On busy flights, anyone with bags bigger than 50cm by 40cm by 20cm may have them taken at the boarding gate and put in the hold.

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