Goodbye rain! England and Wales set for hot and sunny weekend

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Goodbye rain! Britain set for hot and sunny weekend - and July to be warm!
Goodbye rain! Britain set for hot and sunny weekend - and July to be warm!

There's good news for Glastonbury revellers and Wimbledon watchers as forecasters have predicted that the damp weather will clear to a "warm and humid" weekend across England and Wales.

While the weather at Glastonbury may be cloudy, the festival is set to enjoy warm and humid evenings and it looks like there will be no disruptions to play at Wimbledon, with temperatures reaching 23C to 24C in the south on Saturday and low to mid-20s on Sunday.

The Weather Channel's forecaster Leon Brown told AOL Travel that there will be "dry weather across the bulk of England and Wales, and central and southern areas seeing some warm sunshine" this weekend.

Britons are being advised to enjoy the weekend as "Monday will be cooler and fresher as a cold front moves south in the morning with plenty of sunshine for the afternoon".

And Tuesday and Wednesday will bring "more unsettled and quite windy".

Leon adds that Tuesday will be "cloudy and damp with some heavier rain for the north by Wednesday, but just a few light showers in the south so Wimbledon should get away without much disruption".

The end of the week is expected to be mainly dry for the south but with more rain over the north.

And for the second week in July "it should feel like summer with many dry days and above normal temperatures".

Mr Brown says: "It also looks like July will be a warm month for a change after the succession of cool months through the spring.

"Rather than winds from a northerly direction, winds will predominantly be from the southwest and light under higher than normal pressure".

It looks like we're in for a real summer after all! How will you be spending the warm and sunny days? Leave a comment and let us know below.