Scottish cops commit five driving offences a week

Scottish cops commit five driving offences a week

Scottish police officers have been caught breaking the law behind the wheel 751 times since 2010, averaging five driving offences a week.

The figures, which were revealed to The Herald Scotland under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the former Strathclyde police force committed the most offences, with 286 motoring crimes logged.
It was followed by the much smaller Lothian and Borders force, which clocked up 253 offences.

Offending policemen were handed a total of £30,000 in fines over the three-year period, though many were allowed to resign, rather than suffer the humiliation of being sacked.

Road safety campaigners have criticised police officers, stating that they should be setting an example with their driving.

Margaret Dekker of Scotland's Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers said: "The police have a responsibility to set an example.

"These drivers get advanced training courses so they should be aware of the risks."

The offences committed aren't trivial, either, with one officer receiving a fine for running the lights at a railway level crossing while off duty.

Other officers were prosecuted for excessive speeding and, astonishingly, for drink driving.

The AA also voiced its concern over the more serious driving offences for which police officers have been convicted.

The organisation's president, Edmund King, said: "There will always be some motoring offences that will crop up, but there's no excuse whatsoever for drink driving.

"The police more than anyone else will have seen the consequences of that action."

Police Scotland has simply stated that they would deal with any officers who broke the law "appropriately".
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