Brit driver hits 160mph on French motorway... so fast it broke the radar gun

Brit driver hits 160mph on French motorway... so fast it broke the radar gun

French transport police clocked a UK registered Audi R8 travelling at 160mph on the A28 motorway in Normandy on Monday.

The performance car was travelling so fast it subsequently broke the radar gun, meaning that police can't confirm whether or not the vehicle was actually travelling faster than the stated 160mph.
Astonished traffic officers said it took them four miles to catch up with the speeding driver who is only described as a businessman from London in a company car.

The vehicle was impounded on orders from the prosecutor at Evreux and the driver's license was confiscated.

He was immediately banned from driving on all French roads. He has also been summoned to appear in court where he faces a fine of up to £1,300.

A traffic police spokesman said: "This is the fastest speed we have ever recorded on the entire Normandy motorway network that we patrol.

"In fact we couldn't get the exact speed because the radar stopped working."

It is not known whether the driver was attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans race but a further seven UK drivers were stopped for travelling at speeds in excess of 120mph during the same period.

Local police have previously complained about the slew of British drivers that descend on the country during the famous race.

Calais police said in an average summer month, eight out of ten motorists pulled over for speeding on the A26 motorway between Calais and Paris are British.

A motorway police spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Some British drivers are often oblivious to the speed limits, and treat the road like they are out for a day's motor racing."

"They seem to think that because they are in a foreign country, the rules do not apply to them."
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