Sound of new Formula 1 V6 engine revealed

Sound of new Formula 1 V6 engine revealed

Talk to anyone who has witnessed a Formula 1 race live and they will likely mention something about 'the noise'.

The high-pitched scream of a heavily tuned, naturally-aspirated V8 Formula 1 engine held on its limiter just before the red lights gradually extinguish is enough to leave a lasting imprint on most minds.
So it is understandable that many F1 fans have been losing sleep about upcoming regulation changes that wave goodbye to the bellowing V8s and say 'hello' to smaller, turbocharged V6 engines.

As of next year, all teams will have to comply with these new rules but Renault is the first manufacturer to reveal exactly what their new powertrains will sound like.

The video below – captured during an exclusive Renault reveal last week – gives a good indication as to what F1 fans can expect.

"Overall," revealed the French marque's engine boss Rob White, "the sound pressure level (volume) is lower and the nature of the sound reflects the new architecture.

"Fundamentally the engine noise will still be loud. It will wake you from sleep, and circuit neighbours will still complain," he added.

Crank up your speakers, press play on the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below

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