Wife kills husband and herself as she practises reverse parking

Woman Kills Husband and Self While Reversing Vehicle

A newly-qualified driver died, and killed her husband, as she tried to reverse into a parking space in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China.

The couple's six year-old daughter, who was in the back of the car, witnessed the entire incident - and was the only survivor.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman's husband got out of the their Lexus RX270 SUV to guide her into a parking space. However, the woman accidentally reversed too far, pinning her husband against the wall.

The woman stuck her head out of the window when she heard her husband cry out in pain. When she realised what had happened, she panicked and slammed her foot on the accelerator to pull away. But she forgot that the car was still in reverse and killed her husband, and herself, as her head became trapped between the car and a nearby wall.

The man died instantly, while the woman died later in hospital.

The Global Times reports that the accident happened on June 16. The woman, whose surname was Lin, had been issued with her drivers license in May. She had already successfully parked in the space once that day, but her husband asked her to do it again because she needed the practise.

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