Thomas Cook pilot aborts take-off at Manchester Airport as engine fails

Ceri Roberts

The pilot of a Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330 aborted take-off with moments to spare after an engine failed as it sped down the runway. Scroll down for video.

The incident happened at Manchester Airport at around 1pm yesterday (Monday), when flight TCX314 to the Dominican Republic was about to become airbourne.

Emergency services attended the scene, but the pilot brought the airline safely to a halt and none of the 325 passengers were injured.

The Manchester Evening News reports that passengers heard a loud bang shortly before the plane came to a stop. The runway was temporarily closed and the aircraft then made it back to the terminal, where passengers disembarked.

Video footage of the incident shows a burst of flame and a great deal of thick smoke billowing from one of the engines.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook Airlines told the Manchester Evening News: "We can confirm that an incident took place at Manchester Airport regarding flight TCX314 during take-off to the Dominican Republic. The aircraft developed an engine fault and has returned to stand.

"As a precaution, the airport emergency services attended the aircraft - but at no time were passengers or crew at risk.

"We'd like to thank our passengers for their patience during the delay to their flight."

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