'Only Fools And Horses' Reliant replica stopped by cops

'Only Fools And Horses' Reliant replica stopped by cops

The owner of an 'Only Fools And Horses' style three-wheeled van has been pulled over by the police and threatened with arrest – as a result of the inflatable doll on display in the rear window.

Richard Foster, who owns the Del Boy-esque Reliant Regal Supervan, was pulled over in Bognor Regis on his way to a wedding, one of many events for which he hires out his three-pin-plug pride and joy.
To complete the full 'Only Fools' effect, Foster's van is home to a blow-up doll, which peeks out of the rear window – a reference to a 1989 episode of the fondly-remembered sitcom. And it was this that drew the ire of Sussex Police.

Foster, 34, said that when he was pulled over, the policeman told him he was committing a Section 5 public order offence because the doll could cause alarm or distress to other members of the public.

He was asked to remove the doll from the window before continuing on his way, or otherwise face arrest.

"This is an example of the sad world we live in," he added.

Sussex Police commented that the doll's "rather obvious attributes were not entirely appropriate for family viewing," and thanked Foster for his co-operation.

You can see Foster's video of the incident here:

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