Estate "too dangerous" for bin men

Overflowing bins%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%Homeowners in Wiltshire are up in arms after the local council banned rubbish collections from their housing estate because it was still under construction and therefore "too dangerous" for its workers.

The decision came after the Health and Safety Executive visited the site in May and advised Wiltshire Council to halt collections.

But residents who have been safely living in the completed properties for 18 months argue that it is "health and safety gone mad".

David Woollett, 65, who lives on the estate in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts, told the Daily Telegraph: "It was a bolt from the blue. There is no problem coming on to the site or getting off it, and the bin men have been collecting the rubbish for over a year.

"It just doesn't seem to be common sense to say it's not safe for a bin man but it is for the people who live here."

He, along with his neighbours, must now drag his wheelie bins up to 100 yards to communal collection points until the council is able to resume house-to-house collections. Hopefully, that will not be too long.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said: "We are continuing to work with the HSE and the site management and we will be restoring some kerbside collections where it is safe to do so.

"We will keep the site under review and will reinstate other kerbside collections as soon as we can safely access the properties."

Wiltshire is not the only borough where residents are unhappy about changes to rubbish collection services, though.

Lambeth council in London also upset locals recently when it unveiled plans to almost halve the size of its bins from 240 litres to 140 litres - meaning many people face being charged to dispose of excess waste. You can read more about that policy here.
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