Video: Sebastien Loeb squeezes in some Pikes Peak practice

Video: Sebastien Loeb squeezes in some Pikes Peak practice

The gruelling Pikes Peak challenge is just a week away so rallying legend Seb Loeb has been sensibly studying the lay of the land before he blasts his 208 T16 up the arduous mountain face.

Peugeot and Red Bull have created this riveting video that features the man himself getting to grips with some of the 156 turns and acclimatising himself to the 14,100ft altitude at the finish line.
The not-so-little Peugeot 208 doesn't look too shabby either, but then again, it does pack a remarkable 875bhp from its monster twin-turbo V6 engine that's mounted in the rear.

A gigantic rear wing, extended front skirt an plentiful scoops and crevices also help to keep the rapid Pug glued to the loose surface. The awesome Red Bull livery helps to make it look a bit cool, too.

The video below gives a great insight into what it's like to pilot that sort of power up a mountainside with very little between driver and sheer drop below.

Press play and get prepared to be blown away

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