Pet lynx recovered in French Riviera

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Pet lynx recovered on French Riviera
Pet lynx recovered on French Riviera

Police in France have recovered a pet lynx that escaped from its Russian owners during their holiday in glamorous Saint-Tropez.

According to AFP, the 18kg serval feline disappeared from the luxury property they had rented in the area of Gassin on Friday.

An officer told AFP there's "a lot of extravagance" in the French Riviera and "you have to be innovative".

"Before, it was just a question of beautiful cars," they added.

Authorities said the cat could get aggressive after being in the wild for a few days.

When the lynx was found on Saturday, police questioned its owners about how it had been brought into the region.

European lynx are found in countries such as Poland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The endangered Iberian lynx lives in southern Spain.

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