'World's best job' goes to Brit


Rich Keam, a 34-year-old musician and costume designer from Brighton, has won an international competition for 'one of the best jobs in the world'. He will be paid £61,000 to eat and drink his way round Western Australia.

So how did he get this job, and is it really the best in the world?

Keam applied for the role - advertised by Tourism Australia - along with 330,000 others. Over the last week he was up against 17 other finalists in a series of challenges - testing his culinary skills, his social media abilities and his sense of adventure.

There were seven winners altogether, from around the world, with different specialisms in different territories. Rick is the only 'Taste Master'. He will spend six months travelling around Western Australia, eating in the best restaurants, drinking in the finest bars, and sampling the highest quality food.

Andrew McEvoy Managing Director of Tourism Australia said: "The successful candidates each demonstrated incredible talent, energy and desire throughout the application process and will, I'm sure, take these positive attributes into the job with them."

The competition is part of a marketing push to promote tourism opportunities provided by Australia's Working Holiday Maker programme.

But are they really the best jobs?

Certainly spending six months eating and drinking on the other side of the world would have its attractions, but it's tough to make a long-term career out of it.

A survey by LinkedIn asked people about the jobs they dreamed of as a child. They came up with a top ten that would excite most people:

1. Engineer (7.7%)
2. Airplane or helicopter pilot (7%)
3. Doctor, nurse or EMT (6.7%)
4. Scientist (6.2%)
5. Teacher (5.8%)
6. Lawyer (3.9%)
7. Writer, journalist or novelist (3.7%)
8. Astronaut (3.2%)
9. Veterinarian (3%)
10= Professional or Olympic athlete (2.7% each)
10= Actors (2.7%)

Excitingly, 8.9% of those who took part in the survey were actually doing their dream job - although we can assume that more of them hit their goal of beaming a teacher than realised their professional sports dreams.

And for those who missed the mark with their dream job, there's some comfort to be had from a recent study by the sensible people at CareerCast, who produced a list of the best jobs in the world based on practical things like security and salary.

If you're in the top ten, there's a reasonable chance you don't skip to work every day, but there must be some comfort in knowing that statistically, logically and sensibly you have the best job in the world.

1 Actuary
2 Biomedical engineer
3 Software engineer
4 Audiologist
5 Financial planner
6 Dental hygienist
7 Occupational therapist
8 Optometrist
9 Physical therapist
10 Computer systems analyst
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