Volvo developing car that parks itself

 Volvo developing car that parks itself

With more and more vehicles on our roads every year it is becoming more and more of a chore to find somewhere to park.

The addition of vast multi-storeys may have been welcome in built-up towns at first, but anyone who has endlessly navigated the helter-skelter style ramps in a vain attempt at finding a spot on a busy Saturday will attest that they are an utter pain.> Volvo is attempting to take the stress and strain out of finding a parking space by developing a vehicle that autonomously parks itself.

The technology works by combining wireless transmitters with Volvo's auto brake and pedestrian detection systems.

The driver pulls up outside a car park, logs onto a special app to activate the system and then the car trundles off and parks itself. It can even be recalled by the owner using the same method.

Thomas Broberg, senior safety advisor at Volvo, said: "Autonomous Parking is a concept technology that relieves the driver of the time-consuming task of finding a vacant parking space.

 Volvo developing car that parks itself

"The driver just drops the vehicle off at the entrance to the car park and picks it up in the same place later."

The technology won't be available for a few years but Volvo will soon be revealing a new, autonomous steering system.

"The autonomous parking and platooning technologies are still being developed. However, we will take the first steps towards our leadership aim by introducing the first features with autonomous steering in the all-new Volvo XC90, which will be revealed at the end of 2014," Broberg said.

Watch the video below for more information on the new technology

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