Drunk man arrested after 'letting seven-year-old' drive home

Drunk man arrested after 'letting seven-year-old' drive home

A man has been charged over allegations he let a seven-year-old boy drive home because he was drunk.

Police pulled the car over on Friday when it drove past without its headlights on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, reports the BBC.

They reportedly then found the boy, thought to be the man's son, at the wheel and the man in the passenger seat.

According to the Daily Telegraph, police said: "A man has been charged with serious traffic offences after police intercepted a car allegedly being driven by a seven-year-old boy at Surfers Paradise in the early hours of this morning."

According to Queensland Police, the man, from New South Wales, has been been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and adult in charge under the influence of liquor.

He is expected to face the Southport Magistrates Court on 3 July, 2013.

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