Car theft victim narrowly avoids being crushed against car

Car theft victim narrowly avoids being crushed against car

A West Midlands man has narrowly avoided being killed, after being flung into a stationary car by a thief who made off with his Mitsubishi pickup truck.

Stuart Timmins, from Dudley, was left with severe leg injuries after trying to stop Chase Edwards outside his Grocers business last March.
Having heard someone get into the truck, Timmins went outside and saw Edwards in the driver's seat. He then grabbed the roof-rail and tried to smash the window in an attempt to remove the keys from the ignition.

He eventually let go, realising it was too dangerous to hang on as the thief accelerated down the road.

"I let go and everything seemed to happen in slow motion, although it was only seconds," Timmins said.

"I bounced off a car coming in the opposite direction, which had stopped on seeing what was happening and the trailer went over my leg."

Edwards was later jailed for seven years and four months for a number of offences including robbery and driving while disqualified.

He also pleaded guilty to the theft of the truck, which was laden with a grand haul of nine boxes of apples.

Despite undergoing physiotherapy, Mr Timmins is currently still unable to walk.

West Midlands police has now released CCTV footage of the harrowing incident, which you can watch below.

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