Video: Ferrari racer crashes at Le Mans

Video: Ferrari racer crashes at Le Mans

The Le Mans 24 hour – arguably the most prestigious and well-known motor race in the world – is yet to get underway, taking place this weekend. Despite this, the first casualty has already been chalked up.

Occurring during free practice on Wednesday, a gorgeous Ferrari 458 race car left the track and collided with a tyre wall in spectacular fashion.
The speed of impact was enough to lift the aerodynamic competition car into the air, with good fortune alone preventing it from flipping onto its roof.

The car is owned and driven by American entrepreneur and amateur racer Tracey Krohn who fortunately wasn't hurt in the crash.

This isn't the first time Ferrari racing cars have been involved in collisions at Le Mans. In 2011, a 458 driven by Anthony Beltoise collided with Allan McNish's Audi R18 sports prototype, resulting in a wince-inducing high-speed shunt, with the Audi colliding violently with a barrier. Thankfully, no one was injured in that incident either.

You can check out footage of both collisions below.

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