Terrified burglar calls police after finding body


A burglar in New Zealand fled the scene and called the police after bumping into a hanged body in the dark while he was trying to rob a home in the North Island city of Hamilton. Police said they hope it will be a 'career-changing' moment for the 21-year-old man, who woke neighbours with his screams.

So is this the strangest thing to happen to a burglar.

The burglar

According to the New Zealand Herald, the man broke into a home, and was creeping around in the dark when he came across the body of a hanged man - who is thought to have committed suicide. The BBC reported that the man had died hours earlier, but may not otherwise have been found for days.

The burglar immediately fled the scene, called police, and turned himself in. Inspector Greg Nicholls, the area commander, said it was one of the most unusual cases he had investigated in 28 years. He added that he hoped it would be life-changing for the burglar, who is unlikely to face charges.

The police told reporters that it was a terribly sad situation, but that they hoped a career change for the burglar would be a positive outcome.

Strange tales

It's a strange story, but when you choose burglary for a career, it seems that odd things are likely to happen. Here is our pick of six of the strangest in the last six months:

1. Last week, a burglar in Massachusetts loaded up his pick up truck with valuables from a nearby home, then he backed off the driveway onto soft ground and got stuck in the mud. After numerous attempts to free himself he called a tow truck and the driver alerted police.

2. In May, it was the turn of two men in Fresno, California, who were caught when one of them accidentally dialled 911 on the phone in his pocket. The operator heard them planning a burglary, and a window smashing. He stayed on the line to hear the men being chased by police and apprehended.

3. In April a burglar in Romania had broken into a home when he heard a strange noise. He convinced himself that the home was already being burgled by someone else, so he hid under a bed and called police. They showed up, found no other burglar and arrested the man hiding under the bed.

4. In March, a burglar in Redding, California tried to break into a deli, by throwing a rock at the shop window. After it bounced back, the robber tripped over and ran away. The deli owners then turned the CCTV footage into an advert, boasting that its "award-winning NY-style pastrami" is "so good, some people will do just about anything to get more." The advert attracted thousands of views on YouTube.

5. There was the handcuffed burglar in Texas at the end of last year, who was left alone in the back of a police car. He opened the window, let himself our, climbed into the driver's seat, and escaped. The car was later found abandoned.

6. Weeks earlier was the turn of the woman in Ohio, who broke into a home, cleaned it, and left a note with her phone number and a bill for $75. She pleaded guilty to attempted burglary.

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Terrified burglar calls police after finding body

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