Morgan sets up shop in China

Morgan sets up shop in China

The most British of British cars has finally made a break for China, with Morgan hoping to make as big a splash in the Far East as fellow British marques Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

The company has recently revealed that it has opened a new showroom and China's first licensed Morgan dealership in Beijing's Sports Car Club that also hosts fellow Brits Lotus.
Morgan made a show of their new Oriental adventure by unveiling their Plus 8 and Aero Coupe models to crowds at the Beijing Luxury China Show last week, where it reportedly made instantaneous sales with a couple of well-heeled punters.

Jim James, the Chinese Morgan dealership's owner, said at the event, "Morgan is the oldest British car company, and the Aero Coupe and Plus 8 are the newest of their lightweight, bespoke luxury sports cars.

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to launch these cars at Luxury China and to build awareness of this culture-rich brand so that it can quickly establish itself as a known brand in the Chinese market."

It is reported that the company is aiming at sales of around 50 units per year in its first few years in China.

Sales of foreign luxury cars has been strong in China over recent years but there is a worry that customers will not appreciate the nimble and fun driving experience a Morgan offers.

"It is a risk, of course, because China does not have a classic car market of its own and there is no long industrial heritage for domestic cars," Mr James said.

"But business is about risk and everything I have seen tells me that there is a market for these beautiful and quintessentially British cars here."
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