Thomson charges honeymooners to sit together on plane

Thomson charges honeymooners to sit together on plane

A couple booking their honeymoon holiday were shocked to discover they would have to pay an extra fee to sit next to each other on the flight.

Rosa De-Filippo, 43, and her fiancé, were told they would have to pay £7.50 per seat (£30 in total for a return flight) to sit next to each other when they jet off to Sicily in August.

Ms De-Filippo discovered the charge only after booking the holiday with Thomson.

She looked at their seating details online and saw that they were separated by an aisle. She called customer services and asked to change seats, but was told she'd need to pay £7.50 for the privilege.

According to Perth Now, she said: "The agent assured me the charge was correct. He said they have had lots of complaints.

"It just makes me seethe."

TUI Travel confirmed the fee applies to everyone apart from parents sitting with children.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman explained: "Thomson Airways always tries to seat customers travelling together next to each other wherever possible. However, along with many other UK airlines, we offer an optional extra service whereby customers can pre-book specific seats.

"This service not only guarantees that customers can sit together, but also allows them to choose their preferred seats."

Travel body ABTA said it had never before heard of such a charge.

Miss De-Filippo, from Radlett, Herts, has refused to pay the fee, and the couple will be sitting separately on their three-hour flight.

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