Teacher caught lunchtime drink-driving

Teacher caught lunchtime drink-driving

A Manchester teacher has been banned from driving after being found to be drunk in charge of a vehicle during his lunch break.

Neil Bowden was discovered to be over three times the legal limit when he returned to work at Trinity High School in Hulme, after enjoying a liquid lunch at a nearby pub.
He was caught out after staff suspected he had turned up to work that morning already drunk, after a heavy session the previous evening.

The teacher then resumed drinking at 11am that day, before driving to the pub at lunchtime, despite the fact it was a mere 200m from the school gates.

On his return the school headmaster called police, suspecting Bowden of being drunk. A number of empty cider bottles were found in the footwell of his car.

Bowden was subsequently arrested and later handed in his resignation from his post at the school.

He pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol at Manchester Magistrates court.

Defending Mr Bowden, Peter Belshaw said: "He wishes to express his deep remorse and contrition over what happened. He has always set for himself the highest professional standards."

The court also heard that prior to the incident Bowden had an "unblemished reputation".

As well as being handed a 28-month driving ban, he was also sentenced to 80 hours community service and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £60 surcharge.
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