Pervert driving instructor banned from job

Pervert driving instructor banned from job

A driving instructor who took pictures of women using a camera hidden in his shoe has been banned from teaching people to drive in the future.

Jonathan Alfred Gibson was caught attempting to take 'up-skirt' photos of women on escalators at the Forestside shopping centre in Belfast, after a male shopper became suspicious of his behaviour.
As well as being sentenced to three years probation, Gibson was called before a meeting of Department of Environment officials on Thursday, where he was told his driving instructor licence was to be revoked with immediate effect.

The department, which is responsible for awarding driving instructor licences, banned Gibson following guidelines on instructors who commit criminal offences.

It is hoped that the ban will also prevent more unsuspecting women from becoming victims of his voyeurism.

Using a camera attached to his shoelace, Gibson targeted women wearing dresses and skirts and took intimate pictures of them without their knowledge.

After suspecting he was being watched by shopping centre staff, Gibson attempted to flee in his car – not the most inconspicuous choice of transport, given the vehicle was decorated in his driving school's livery that included a handy contact number.

It is believed to be the first case of its kind in Northern Ireland.

Gibson's defence lawyer, Joel Lindsay, told the court that his client's business had been ruined as a result of his actions. The website for Jonny G's Driving School has since been taken down.
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