Man restrained on plane after 'claiming to poison everyone on board' mid-air

Man restrained after 'claiming to have poisoned entire flight' mid-air

A man has had to be restrained after reportedly claiming to have poisoned all the passengers on a United Airlines flight.

The man on the flight from Hong Kong to Newark International Airport in New York told flight crew he had "poisoned everyone on board", according to

FBI agents are waiting to meet United Flight 116 when it lands at 1.30am, and a spokesman told Eyewitness News there was no indication that anyone had actually been poisoned.

According to the Daily Mail, the man was restrained by fellow passengers after making the claim.

United Airlines spokeswoman Jennifer Dohm confirmed an incident, telling Fox News: "While en route from Hong Kong to Newark, a passenger became disruptive onboard United flight 116.

"The crew followed procedures and the flight is continuing as scheduled."

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