Gran Turismo 6 trailer has car fans salivating

Gran Turismo 6 trailer has car fans salivating

A fresh installment of arguably the most famous driving simulator to ever exist is coming soon and a new trailer reveals epic visuals and improved realism.

The video was shown at this year's E3 conference – one of the world's largest video game conventions – where car fans whooped with excitement at the impending release.
Despite the cutting-edge visuals, the game will not feature on Sony's next-gen console the PS4 and instead, it will be on the current console. The news will delight current PlayStation owners.

As you'd expect from a brand new installment in the franchise, Gran Turismo 6 features a wealth of new content. The track count is up, with new additions including a faithful representation of the Willow Springs Raceway in America, as well as original, though no less spectacular tracks, allowing drivers to race around landmarks such as the Swiss Matterhorn.

More importantly for petrol-heads, the cars have also been updated. Making an appearance are GT3 racing versions of the Audi R8, BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLS, as well as accurate digitisations of the Corvette Stingray and convention defying Nissan Deltawing.

Gran Turismo 6 will be available to buy in September. Until then, you can get your hi-def racing fix below.

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