Volvo owner clocks up 3 million miles

Volvo owner clocks up 3 million miles

A retired teacher is about to complete his 3 millionth mile in his Volvo P1800S.

Proving that they don't build them like they used to, Irvin Gordon's car, built in 1966, has covered an average of 64,000 miles a year and has not once broken down.
Careful maintenance is the key to Mr Gordon's automotive feat. Despite spending just £2,650 on the car when he bought it, he has lavished attention on it throughout its hard life.

The P1800S has been through 857 oil changes, 30 new drive belts, 150 spark plugs and has slurped its way through 120 bottles of transmission fluid.

Mr Gordon regularly averages 63,000 miles annually, though has occasionally put over 100,000 miles on the car in a single year.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: "Most people think I'm crazy that I've clocked up so many miles but driving is my drug of choice.

"I used to go on driving holidays and had a 125-mile commute to work, so the miles have just added up."

The New York resident has held the world record for the highest mileage car since the P1800S passed the 1.6 million mile mark back in 2002. To celebrate this latest milestone, he plans to take the car on a trip to Alaska.

Clearly a big part of his life, Mr Gordon commented that he would sell the Volvo for a dollar a mile, joking that "It's just been driven on weekends" and that it was "practically new".

The Volvo P1800 once had a starring role in 'The Saint' as the favoured wheels of character Simon Templar, played by Roger Moore.
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