Video: Plane crashes into hangar at California airport

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Plane Crashes Into Airport Hangar
Plane Crashes Into Airport Hangar

There was panic at Chino Airport in California when a small passenger plane crashed into a hangar during a mechanical test.

The jet was secured to a ramp area during an engine test, but somehow became loose and jumped the rubber stops used to prevent it from moving, reports the LA Times.

The Bombardier Canadair regional jet can carry up to 50 passenger, and at the time of the incident had three mechanics on board.

It crashed into the Encore Jet Centre at Chino Airport, sparking fears of a fuel leak and an evacuation of the area.

Firefighters attended the scene, but a fuel leak did not occur.

Ian Gregor, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said none of the mechanics were injured, and the plane was not intended for flight, reports Sky News.

According to Gawker, the jet belonged to a private company called Grady International Inc.

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