Video: Justin Bieber's leopard-print Audi R8

Video: Justin Bieber's leopard-print Audi R8

Celebrities are not known for their subtlety with automobiles. From Mario Balotelli's camouflage-print Bentley Continental GT, to 50 Cent's chromed Lamborghini Murcielago, they're an eye-searing reminder that money can't buy taste.

Inexplicable pop sensation Justin Bieber now seems to be vying for the crap-car crown, after being spotted leaving Miley Cyrus's house in a leopard-print wrapped Audi R8.
Yes, leopard-print. We thought his poor taste bottomed out with his chrome-wrapped Fisker Karma, but no, the teen has seen fit to ruin one of Audi's finest cars with this crass finish, modelled on Tarzan's Y-fronts.

The video below shows the star desperately trying to shield his face from the camera as he drives past, a rather silly attempt, given the conspicuous choice of wheels.

On the upside, as least the police will instantly know whose car it is when Bieber next decides to tear around his estate, annoying his neighbours.

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