Taxpayers 'just want RBS cash back'

David Cameron

Getting their money back is more important to taxpayers than the speed of any sell-off of RBS, David Cameron has said.

The Prime Minister hailed the "good job" done by Stephen Hester amid speculation of political involvement in the chief executive's announcement on Wednesday that he would quit the state bailed-out institution.

Sajid Javid, economic secretary to the Treasury, told MPs earlier that there was no fixed timetable for the sale of the Government's RBS stake before the 2015 general election and that the priority was ensuring value for the taxpayer.

Mr Cameron told Bloomberg: "As for when we get it back into the private sector, I just have two very simple concerns: one is we must make sure this bank contributes to the recovery of the UK economy; secondly, people put their money in - I want them to get their money out."
He went on: "As we work with this bank as it's nursed back to even further health, the public want to know 'Am I going to get my money back?'.

"I think they are more interested in getting their money back than the time. Let's get it right."

Speaking about Mr Hester, he said: "He's done an enormous amount to shrink the balance sheet and to get the bank into a more healthy position, to get it out of crisis and into recovery."

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