Rare giant 11-stone halibut sold to Scottish restaurant for £1000

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An enormous halibut weighing in at a whopping 11 stone has been sold to a restaurant for almost £1000.

Tipping the scales at 70kg, the rare halibut was line-caught in the deep waters of the North Sea near Shetland, Scotland.

The Crabshakk restaurant in Glasgow's west end received the giant fish, and head chef David Scott will turn the massive halibut into fillets, scampi and curry.

It will take an entire team to fillet the human-sized beast, which cost the restaurant a staggering £950.

Crabshakk owner John Macleod told Caters News: "I don't think any of us will ever see a bigger wild halibut than this."

But it's all worth it as the restaurant expect to earn up to three times profit on the amazing catch, when it is served over the weekend.

A spokesman for supplier John Vallance said: "Finding a 70kg halibut is extremely rare, and certainly not as common as the usual 20 to 30kg."

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