All cars could have mobile technology by 2025

All cars could have mobile technology by 2025

Over the next few years, mobile technology is expected to be embedded into cars to improve safety and provide a range of new services.

According to research by the GSMA, by 2025, nearly all new cars will be connected with mobile technology, with driver safety at the heart of the scheme. The development of this tech is set to revolutionise the car as we know it.
Connected cars will automatically have the ability to call emergency services and provide location details after an accident. The mobile technology will also provide traffic and navigation information as well as allowing for call centre support.

This new technology will also bring key entertainment and lifestyle features to vehicles, including access to social networks, music streaming, and news and weather updates.

Chief Marketing Officer at GSMA, Michael O'Hara told the Telegraph: "Embedding mobile technology in cars will not only save lives, but also drive a range of new services and provide a significant revenue opportunity for the mobile and automotive industries."

All vehicles are expected to have the eCall emergency service call feature by October 2015, according to reports from The European Commission, and sales of eCall are expected to reach 7 billion units in 2016. Similar systems will soon be made mandatory for goods vehicles, including trucks in Russia, while Brazil also argues that new vehicles should been fitted with stolen tracking systems.

O'Hara added: "The rapid growth of this market will be driven in part by positive regulatory action, particularly in Europe and in emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil. We are in the midst of a connected car revolution and it is vital that the mobile and automotive industries work together to deliver scalable and pervasive connect experiences, and ensure this market reaches its potential."

41.7 million vehicles with the eCall feature are expected to be shipped globally in 2018 and GSMA say the connect car market will be worth almost £34 billion by 2018, compared to £11 billion in 2012.

Looking forward to 2018, out of the 100 million new vehicles projected to be sold, 31 per cent are set to have embedded SIM technology, while 18 per cent will have smartphone integration. Another 9 per cent will feature tethered technological solutions.
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