Video: Guide dog saves two lives after car goes out of control

WATCH: Guide Dog and Trainer Save Woman From Runaway Car

A guide dog has helped save the lives of two people after a runaway car mounted a pavement and drove straight at them at a terrifying speed.

ONeil, a golden labrador, was being trained by two instructors, one of whom was blindfolded, as they walked down a suburban street in St Rafael, Marin County, California.

His trainer Todd Jurek, who was assessing the session, said he noticed O'Neil suddenly look behind him, alerting him to the fact that car which was reversing towards them down the pavement.

"It was just an unbelievable sight to see something going backwards, barrelling down the sidewalk," he told local news service

He said that O'Neill's quick reaction allowed him to herd his fellow employee and dog out of harm's way - just in time.

The car was being driven by a 93-year-old woman, who drove backwards onto the pavement. The preliminary theory is that she put the car in reverse instead of forward.

Incredibly, no one was injured in the incident. News, Weather Related articles

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