16-year-old girl killed while 'car surfing'

16-year-old girl killed while 'car surfing'

A 16-year-old girl has been killed after being thrown from the roof of a car that lost control negotiating a bend.

Anna Gabrielle Hawkins from Dawsonville, Georgia was said to be 'car surfing' when the driver of the SUV crashed the vehicle after 9pm on Monday.
Eyewitnesses say the young driver of the Suzuki Grand Vitara, also 16, was speeding along a curvy road and took a corner too fast when Anna Hawkins fell from the roof of the vehicle and onto the pavement.

"The vehicle entered a right-hand curve too fast and the drive lost control," Georgia State Trooper Mark Cox told the Dawson Advertiser.

He continued: "The vehicle travelled across the northbound lane along the shoulder, hit the embankment, then came back into the roadway, throwing Miss Hawkins off the roof. She hit the pavement and sustained substantial head injuries."

Hawkins died at the scene but was transported to an area hospital.

The recently qualified driver, described as a good friend of Hawkins, was not seriously injured in the accident but is being questioned with the possibility of charges being brought against her.

"She hadn't had her licence very long, and it's still under investigation," Cox added. "But the law states you have to have six months' experience before you can transport anyone besides family."

Once the incident report has been returned to the Dawson County District Attorney's office, findings will determine whether or not charges will be filed against the driver.

Hawkins was described by family as "very, very smart" and at the site of the incident on Tuesday, her aunt, Lynn Burn told WSBTV that she was shocked her niece would attempt such a dangerous stunt.
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