Video: Youngster drives BMW M3 off a cliff

Video: Youngster drives BMW M3 off a cliff

While to the untrained eye, the BMW M3 may look exactly like the diesel rep-mobile that sits in the middle lane on your commute to work, it is in fact one of the most capable performance cars available. It will cover ground at an epic rate – provided you're up to the job of piloting it.

Clearly the young driver in this video wasn't. Hooning down a particularly picturesque road with a fellow BMW driver, the lad pushes his M3 to the limit, cutting across the lane markings to maximise speed through the corners.
With a camera mounted to the flank of the car to capture the drive for posterity, the wheelsman even gives the brief impression he knows what he is doing, before he reaches a tight right-hander and the proverbial really hits the fan.

Finding the corner tightening up on him, the unlucky motorist loses grip at the front end, and fruitlessly attempts to wind on more steering lock as he looks a fast approaching cliff face - and impending death - in the face.

Thankfully, the driver wasn't badly hurt in the crash. His car on the other hand was almost unrecognisable.

Watch the nail-biting action in the video below; M3 fans may want to look away now.

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