Toyota gives kids a taste of the open road with 'toy' concept car

Toyota gives kids a taste of the open road with 'toy' concept car

When a car manufacturer unveils a new concept car it is more often than not an impossibly futuristic creation, which showcases elements of design that will filter down into the company's forthcoming road cars. Toyota has decided to take a different approach with its latest concept, the Camatte57s.

Basing its car around the notion of bringing the family together, the Camatte57s is about sharing ideas to construct a vehicle, with the aim of involving children to teach them about the fun aspects of motoring.
It is made up of 57 lightweight, detachable panels that can be specified in a number of different colours and designs.

The driving position can be adjusted so even smaller children can get behind the wheel, allowing them get a head-start on developing their driving skills (away from public roads, of course), with parents able to help with steering and braking from the passenger seat.

Currently there is no word on power and performance figures for the diminutive Camatte57s. Toyota has confirmed, however, that it will be powered by an electric motor.

Fittingly, rather than wait for the Tokyo motor show in November, Toyota elected to unveil the car in the more laid-back surroundings of the Kid's Life Zone at this week's Tokyo toy show.

The Camatte57s is a progression of the company's original Camatte concept, which was shown last year. The name derives from the Japanese word for 'care' and is meant to reflect the idea that people should be more considerate towards each other and their cars.

Toyota Camatte57s
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Toyota gives kids a taste of the open road with 'toy' concept car
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