Severed deer head left in Tesco


In a deeply disturbing incident in a Saffron Walden branch of Tesco, a severed deer head was discovered at a self-service supermarket checkout - while the innards were left in an aisle.

So how could this happen, and is this the strangest thing to happen in a supermarket?


The Daily Mail reported that this happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and was thought to have been left by a man acting alone. A spokesperson from Essex police told the BBC that nobody had been arrested.

Tesco has apologised to customers for any distress they suffered, but have not commented further.
At the moment police are calling for witnesses, and the incident remains a weird mystery. However, it's not the only odd thing to happen in a supermarket.

Odd supermarket stories

At the end of May this year, Terry Buckle, who had recently been elected as mayor of St Edmundsbury, at the age of 73, accidentally drove his car through a Tesco Express front door in Bury St Edmunds while attempting to park in a disabled bay. Fortunately the automatic doors opened for him so he caused very little damage.

Earlier in the month, a man was charged after he hid in a supermarket in Kentucky, emerged when staff had left for the night, and then tucked into a feast. He apparently consumed six steaks, washed down with beer and followed by shrimp and birthday cake.

In February we reported the odd tale of a mother who found a bloodied syringe in a loaf of bread she had bought from Tesco. A court heard that a drug addict had pushed it through the wrapper in the store in Salford, in an effort to hide his drug addition from his wife. He was traced though the DNA on the needle and pleaded guilty.

Back in January this year, in a response to the horse meat scandal, a Welsh branch of Tesco saw two men in a horse costume trot round the aisles shouting 'Mum! Dad! Noooo!' before collapsing in fake grief. They were removed by security staff, and a video of the incident went viral on Facebook.

But for the strangest supermarket tale we have to head to Germany in June last year, where a new supermarket on the German/Dutch border promised a basket of free groceries to the first 100 people who showed up to shop nude. In the end 250 arrived and police had to let them into the store in groups of 20.

Seven of the craziest supermarket glitches
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Severed deer head left in Tesco

One of the most popular glitches, was a wine deal at Tesco back in November 2012, where a series of offers clashed, leaving a bottle of £9.99 wine selling for £1.50.

The 'three wines for £10' deal apparently clashed with a '25% off when you buy six or more bottles' deal. The 25% was accidentally taken off the original price rather than the reduced one, leaving the wine at rock bottom prices. Deal-hunters cleared the shelves around the country.

Perhaps the most popular glitch from Tesco came in June 2011, when instead of taking £4 off the cost of a £20 case of beer, the supermarket accidentally started selling the cases for £4. The ensuring rush was nicknamed the 'beer stampede'.

Sadly not every supermarket pricing glitch comes with such a happy ending for consumers. In March last year the bargain-hunters thought their luck was in, when Tesco accidentally priced the new iPad at just £44.99 instead of around £650. Sadly it spotted the mistake before shipping the goods. The small print on its website meant it could refuse to sell at this price, and refund their customers instead.

In September 2012, Asda was responsible for one of the most expensive glitches. The Asda Price Guarantee offered vouchers to customers who could have got their shopping cheaper elsewhere.

However, when certain trigger products were in the basket, the supermarket massively under-priced the shopping at other supermarkets, and offered huge vouchers to shoppers. In many instances the vouchers came to roughly the same as the cost of the shopping.

In April, a mistake on their website resulted in Tesco selling 8 packs of Bulmers cider 568ml bottles for £5 - rather than a six pack for £8.

Deal-hunters snapped up the deal online, and had varying degrees of success. Some had their order delivered in full, others had six delivered for £5 - and were able to negotiate their way to another two, while others were offered six for £5 or their money back.

October last year saw one of the most famous glitches, when Tesco Terry's Chocolate Oranges were subject to two deals at the same time, and the price dropped from £2.75 to 29p. There were plenty of people getting chocolate oranges last Christmas.

A buy-one-get-one-free deal went awry at Tesco in March. People putting four tubs of I can't Believe It's Not Butter or Oykos yogurt packs into the trolley were only being charged for one.

Soon the online deal-hunting community was in action, with one person bagging 50 tubs of butter and 22 pots of yogurt for £8.79 - a saving of £133.89.


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