Hilarious eBay ad sends price of clapped-out Mercedes soaring

Hilarious eBay ad sends price of clapped-out Mercedes soaring

A couple from East Grinstead, West Sussex have taken the Web by storm after posting an extremely candid advert for their rusty and unloved Mercedes e320 CDI on popular auction site eBay.

Rather than brushing over the imperfections and drawing on flowery language to help sell the ageing saloon, Murdo Guy and Camilla Banks decided to be brutally honest, much to the enjoyment of eBay users up and down the country.> "If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 CDI...you have come to the wrong place," went the opening gambit from the cheeky couple.

"If however, you are low on self-esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction," continued the item description.

The battered Merc's long history is then covered in great detail, with the vehicle's description including: "Standard Mercedes rust on arches etc. As expected from a vehicle of this fine vintage. Also a couple of dinks from a scrape with Bambi and the missus's foot."

Mr Guy's girlfriend Camilla Banks was also called in to pose with the vehicle, adopting some interesting stances that saw her lying on the bonnet and even curled up in the boot to portray the Mercedes' load-lugging abilities in the best light.

Hilarious eBay ad sends price of clapped-out Mercedes soaring

In one particularly honest piece of sales patter, Mr Guy revealed: "Since owning the vehicle, it has been thrashed, raced, rallied, killed three deer, and the interior has been smashed up in a domestic, not to mention the time my wife booted the wing because I suggested she eat a salad or two (please refer to photo of foot next to dent for reference)."

Despite the 160,000-mile machine looking like a mechanical disaster waiting to happen, it didn't stop tongue-in-cheek bidders sending the price tag soaring. It was up to £150,000 shortly before bidding was closed.

However, despite the humorous nature of the advert the couple requested that only people who were serious about buying should bid - and refunds are not available.

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