Video: Vigilante passenger catches teens vandalising train with graffiti

A vigilante train passenger in Australia gave two teens the shock of their life when he crept up behind them and caught them on camera vandalising the cabin with graffiti.

The cameraman can be heard saying: "Guess what, matey, you're gone. Guess where this is going boys? Straight to Crimestoppers.

"How f****** dare you? Our taxes pay for this s***. And serious, get some cred about you, that is ugly as."

The boys are seen eagerly awaiting for the train to pull in to its stop. When the doors open, one of them makes a run for it, while the cameraman manages to grab hold of the other one, and says he isn't letting go until the police get there.

The boy can be seen squirming, but it looks like he really was caught red-handed.

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