Survey: Car costs concern motorists

CarsCar costs and potholes are the main moan for motorists, with most drivers reckoning road conditions are worsening, according to an RAC survey.

The cost of driving was the biggest concern for 49% of motorists, with 41% saying maintenance of local roads and motorways is their top spending priority.
As many as 84% of the 1,542 drivers polled believed their local roads were deteriorating and 75% thought the same about motorways and other major roads.

Also, 78% thought the money they paid to Government through motoring taxes was not properly invested in local roads. A total of 29% were prepared to pay tolls for motorway driving, while 33% backed city-centre congestion charges as long as the cost of fuel and car tax was significantly reduced.
As many as 89% said they relied more than ever on their vehicles for daily activities, while 77% claimed they were struggling to make ends meet because of the cost of fuel.

The survey also found that 77% would prefer to pay pay less fuel tax and 49% would like to pay lower levels of car tax.

RAC technical director David Bizley said: "Our report on motoring shows that Britain's motorists - and roads - have been left battle-scarred after a further 12 months of bearing the burden of extreme financial conditions.

"Despite this, motorists are willing to pay their taxes, but want the balance of levies to reflect how they live and how the use their vehicle. The report suggests that motorists would prefer to see a higher share of motoring taxation levied on those things over which they have greater control - such as whether or not they choose to drive into city centres or use a particular motorway."

He continued: "Our research shows that UK motorists aren't being unreasonably demanding. All they want is for more of their motoring taxation to be spent on roads."

"What's needed is an in-depth review of the overall motoring taxation model and for a reasonable percentage of money raised from drivers to be ring-fenced for roads."
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