Pensioner given parking ticket while trying to move broken-down car

Pensioner given parking ticket while trying to move broken-down car

A stricken pensioner has been given a £70 parking fine while trying to get help after his car broke down.

79-year-old Michael Peck was on the way to visit his doctor when his Hyundai iX20 ran out of fuel in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.
The sprightly grandfather then spent five minutes pushing his car out of the way of other motorists to ensure he wasn't causing a hazard, before trying to raise help at a local newsagents.

He managed to contact his wife, but while inside the shop his car was pounced upon by a lightning quick traffic warden.

"As I was stood in the shop, the newsagent said 'someone is fiddling with your windscreen' and by the time I got out to the car, the ticket had been slapped on there - I think he may have been on a scooter as it was that fast," said Mr Peck to the Daily Mail.

He went on to criticise the opportunistic traffic warden: "This jobsworth clearly must have seen me struggling - yet instead of helping he was more concerned about the money that could be made.

"It is a sad reflection of the way that we live in a very selfish society - it reflects the lack of civility and common courtesy."

Derek Kenyon, Southend Council's parking manager, gave a typically bureaucratic response: "If anyone wishes to challenge a penalty charge notice, then there are set procedures to follow, laid down by the Department of Transport.

"If there is a claim that a vehicle has broken down, then we would need evidence to support that - such as the relevant repair bill or details from breakdown assistance services."

Mr Peck now plans to appeal against the fine.
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