Mazda RX-7 driven so hard, the wheels fall off

Mazda RX-7 drive so hard, the wheels fall off

When someone exclaims, "drive it like you stole it!" they don't expect you to race through 30mph zones at 100mph, nor jump traffic lights in a bid to shake traffic cops off your tail.

The same applies when someone tells you to "drive it until the wheels come off". Yes, they probably want you to depress the accelerator and take the next corner at a slightly, er, unadvised speed but they are unlikely to actually want the wheels to come off.
The chap in this video clearly has a problem with taking sayings a tad too seriously as all four wheels manage to fly off his RX7 as he competes in Autocross event in the USA – a vehicular equivalent of a horse gymkhana.

Some snarky YouTube users have commented on the driver's lack of mechanical knowledge resulting in his failure to properly tighten his locking wheel nuts, but others believe it was the result of a cruel prank gone wrong (or right, depending on your viewpoint).

Take a look at the video below and remember to properly check those wheel nuts next time you change a tyre.

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