Dog working in admin: odd animal jobs

Misty the working dog

It emerged today that Misty the Border Collie has been a vital member of the admin team at Burlington Stone quarry in Kirkby-in-Furness for years. She waits at the window for customers and staff, takes their weighbridge ticket, and finds an administrator to process the form.

So is this the oddest job for an animal?
The dog's owner, Elaine Prickett, told the Telegraph that the dog also returns debit and credit cards to their owners - although they occasionally require a wipe afterwards. She told Lancashire Life that Misty also handles notes - although she struggles with loose change.

The original aim wasn't to employ Misty, but to bring her to work to help make the officer a pleasant place to work. It's a reasonably common trend, as a number of studies have shown that having an animal in the workplace can ease stress, and a boss with a dog is always keen to take advantage of a study which makes their life easier too.

Odd jobs for animals

However, Misty's adoption of a significant admin role puts her into the realms of animals with odd jobs. Here she is joined by:

1. Whale Poo sniffer dog. Tucker, an eight-year-old black Labrador, is employed to sniff out whale poo in Puget Sound. Researchers are interested in the whale poo, as they are trying to work out why the killer whales in the area are dying out. Tucker can track it down from up to a mile away, and when he does he's rewarded with a game of fetch.

2. Medical response dog. These dogs assist people who have medical conditions, by alerting them to problems before any human is aware of them. One common use is a hypo alert dog, which can detect when their handler's blood sugar is too high or tow low.

3. Cell phone detection dogs. These are employed in prisons, and specifically sniff out cell phones that have been smuggled into jail.

4. Watch lamas. Lamas have been used in the US to guard flocks of sheep against Coyotes. It's early days for the guard llamas, but the results have so far been very positive.

5. Guard geese. Geese make excellent alternatives to guard dogs to protect your home, as they will defend their territory and make an enormous amount of noise if someone approaches.

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Dog working in admin: odd animal jobs

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