Video: Base jumper slams into hotel after parachute fail

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An Austrian base jumper had an extremely lucky escape on Friday after her parachute failed following a jump from the roof of the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain.

Maria Steinmayr was one of 17 contestants taking part in the World Championship Extreme Base Jumping competition, which sees daredevils jump from the building every year.

But her parachute failed to open properly, leaving her careering towards the ground 160 metres beneath her at a speed of up to 100kmh, according to YouTube.

However, Maria's good fortune came when she was flung against the hotel walls, eventually landing on a 10th floor balcony.

According to The Sun, a British couple reportedly came to her aid after hearing her banging for help.

Maria amazingly only suffered bruises and a broken nose in the incident, but withdrew from the competition.

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