Simon Cowell to introduce Caterham cars to America

Simon Cowell to introduce Caterham cars to America

The Britain's Got Talent judge and pop music mogul has been shopping around for a new set of wheels recently.

Obviously bored of wafting around in the back of a Rolls-Royce, Cowell Tweeted that he had been test driving a Caterham 7 R400 Superlight – a vehicle that is as far removed from a luxury cruiser as it is possible to get.> It seems he was very impressed as he described it as "one of the best cars in the world" and simply "unbelievable".

Cowell was so taken aback by the plucky little two-seater that he revealed to the Twittersphere that he had ordered one to be shipped to his home in the USA.

The R400 Superlight in question features a 2-litre, 210bhp that sits inside a lightweight shell that lacks many of the mod cons that Simon is likely to be used to.

Nevertheless, he's ordered one and will soon be one of the very few people driving a Caterham in the States.

David Ridley, Sales & Marketing Director for Caterham Cars, said: "The United States has always been a very marginal market for Caterham Cars, largely due to the homologation regulations America has in place.

Simon Cowell to introduce Caterham cars to America

But with Simon Cowell's profile and his 7.2 million Twitter followers, his latest purchase may just be the spark that Caterham needs to break America.

"The performance and handling attributes of the Seven have always been noted and lauded by American commentators," added David Ridley.

"Caterham is also starting to feature more of a presence in the States, partly because of Formula 1 but partly also thanks to the import of our SP/300.R sports prototype racer via our American distributor."
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