Hero dog rescued after surviving 10 days without food and water in Snowdonia

A heroic hound who helped to save its owner after a 450ft mountain fall has been rescued after 10 days without food and water.

Sutty, a 14-year-old crossbreed Spaniel, survived by sleeping on a small ledge, 2,000ft up in Snowdonia.

It's believed that Sutty barked to attract attention when his 60-year-old owner fell 450ft in Ogwen Valley on May 29, but was scared away when an RAF helicopter came to rescue the injured man.

According to the Daily Mail, the walkers who found the injured man reported that they had heard a dog barking and posters were later placed around the trails to alert walkers that there was a missing dog in the area.

Sutty was finally discovered by Rob Shepherd, a member of the Llanberis mountain rescue, and his girlfriend Sian Williams when they were climbing on Atlantic Slabs last Saturday.

The couple found Sutty on the ledge and managed to lower him to safety in a rucksack.

Chris Lloyd, from the Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team, told the BBC: "He's in remarkably good condition really, although he's probably very thin under all that fur. He was very glad to be rescued."

The injured man is still recovering in hospital but Lloyd confirmed that his daughter was contacted and has already collected Sutty: "She was delighted and came over immediately with her husband from Wolverhampton.

"It's fantastic - a real good news story from the mountains."

Sutty isn't the only canine to have more than his fair share of luck. On June 4 ITV reported that Lola, an eight-moth old border terrier had survived a 150 foot fall from a cliff without a scratch after she chased a blackbird off the edge.

There's also the heart-warming story of Susie, the pup found guarding a dead body in Moore, Oklahoma after the devastation of the tornado. Susie was subsequently reunited with her owner and behavioural experts have claimed that she must have felt the need to protect the unknown human, despite them not being her owner.

KCCI News reported that a tiny, 12-week-old puppy was found after spending a month locked in an impounded car in Kansas City in May. She was christened Kia and apparently survived by eating rubbish found on the floor of the vehicle.

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