Listen to the Aston Martin CC100 roar!

Listen to the Aston Martin CC100 roar!

Aston Martin is celebrating 100 years of producing truly astonishing cars with a concept that not only looks the business but sounds it too... the CC100.

One lucky YouTube user was ambling around the supercar enclosure at the Villa d'Este recently when he stumbled upon the lightweight, two-seater concept.
Naturally, he fired up the camera and captured these beautiful shots that highlight the stunning, hand-finished interior and sleek exterior curves.

But better still, someone decided to hop into the driver's seat and fire up the almighty 6-litre V12 for everyone to hear.

Naturally, it barks and snarls as the revs rise and fall, reaffirming the fact that it is such a shame the British Marque will not be putting this fine steed into production.

Take a look at the video below and weep at the fact we won't be hearing this soundtrack on our daily commutes anytime soon.

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