John Malkovich saves tourist's life in Toronto

Ceri Roberts
John Malkovich saves tourist's life
John Malkovich saves tourist's life

Actor John Malkovich has been hailed a hero after he stepped in to help a man who was bleeding to death on the pavement.

The Toronto Star reports that tourists Jim Walpole, 77, and his wife Marilyn, 79, were heading back to the King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto, when Mr Walpole tripped on the curb and fell on a piece of scaffolding, which cut his throat.

Mrs Walpole, who is a retired nurse, was worried that her husband had been cut on the carotid artery or jugular vein, and called out for help - and John Malkovich, who was smoking a cigarette outside the nearby Elgin Theatre, came to their aid.

Chris Mathias, a doorman from the King Edward Hotel, who also ran over to help, told the Toronto Star: "I believe (Malkovich) was having a cigarette and witnessed the whole thing happening, he placed his hand and started applying pressure to the man's neck and didn't let go until the ambulance arrived."

According to Inquisitir, John Malkovich initially used his scarf to apply pressure to the wound and Mr Walpole said that he "took over like a doctor".

Restaurateur Ben Quinn, who also helped out at the scene, told Inquisitr: "The guy really seemed to know what he was doing. We didn't know who he was. I just asked if I could hold the man's head and he said yes."

Mr Walpole has admitted that he didn't recognise Mr Malkovich and when he asked for his name, the actor replied: "My name is John and you are going to be all right."

He left as soon as emergency services arrived on the scene.

Mr Walpole was then taken to hospital where he received 10 stitches. He said: "If it was an 8th of an inch further I would have had real trouble." He is now recovering at home in Ohio.

John Malkovich is currently living in Toronto where he is starring in The Giacomo Variations at the Elgin Theatre.

Mr Walpole said: "I never had the opportunity to see him and thank him after the incident. I am forever grateful to him, he really helped me out."

John Malkovich Plays Hero, Saves Man's Life
John Malkovich Plays Hero, Saves Man's Life

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